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Design Lecture Series



Learn to program with Python for Modeling, and Design using Fusion360 by Autodesk, Visual Studio Code, and Python!

Already familiar with Fusion 360?

Now you’ll learn Python programming and scripting concepts using Fusion 360 graphical visualizations.

Solve real-world programming problems in real-time.

The S2PAfrica Python for Modeling, Machine learning, and Design is a programming course created for the more practical and dynamic learner who has difficulty relating with abstract concepts. The Course is wholly based on graphical concepts designed to provide graphics, automation, and programming training all at once.


  • Young people and programming beginners of ALL ages
  • Engineering, Architectural, Environmental, Physics, Fine Art, Industrial, and Interior design professionals
  • University undergraduates, graduates, and Corp members
  • Everyone interested in the skills of automation with graphics and machine learning

Minimum requirements

SSCE level Further Mathematics with basic knowledge of Trigonometry and Calculus

You will learn:

Simplified but superior methods of applications of calculus and geometry

  • Programming, Design & AI
  • Python Lexical Analysis with Geometrical visualizations
  • Fusion 360 Basics
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Fundamental types and the Python Object Model
  • Program Structure, Execution & Debugging
  • The Fusion 360 API Object Model and Parametric Modeling
  • Models for simulation scenarios and design

Course Fees

Individual learning package

N10,000 per month for 3 months

Group learning package (More~ than~ 5 ~participants)

Study together at designated locations across Nigeria

Group discount offers

  • Register 10 people in one location and open FREE access to an unlimited number of participants at that location
  • Register 5 people and open FREE access to five other participants

A course opens EVERY month

FIRST cohort commences September 2nd, 2020

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Registration Deadline (FIRST ~Cohort): August 31, 2020