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IMP 2101


IMP 2101

  • Course level: Beginner
  • Categories Python
  • Duration 48h
  • Total Enrolled 38
  • Last Update March 7, 2021

About Course

This Beginners Course is for • Senior secondary school pupils offering math and especially further math. • Undergraduates in humanities, social, biological and medical sciences. • Science and engineering student at the lower levels or even higher levels • Parents and guardians. • General public.


Goals of Interactive Mathematics with Python Programming 

  • To reduce the dread of mathematics among participants and demonstrate that rather than being something difficult, it is your ally in solving otherwise intractable problems.
  • Show the link between the patterns of nature and understanding mathematical concepts
  • Create an awareness in pupils that the different topics are never in isolation but relate. Capitalize on this relationship to develop a programming culture



1. Single participant registration: N10,000
2. Parent with one child: Participating Parent gets 75% discount
3. Parent with 2 or more children: Participating Parent gets free access
4. Company/School Registration for 5 participants: Gets 5 extra slots
5. Company/School Registration for 10 participants: Gets unlimited participant access

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What Will I Learn?

  • 20 topics listed in the SSCE Further Math Syllabus with be covered in 4-5 Modules. Most will be made into actionable, practical concepts with Python programming.
  • Basic Python will be taught concurrently with the mathematics topics.
  • - It is expected that the more topics we cover, the stronger the student will be in the ability to program in Python.
  • - Python libraries will be used for computations, graphics and animations.

Topics for this course

19 Lessons48h


Lecture 001: Preparation00:30:18

Set Theory

Sequences and Series



  • A windows capable Laptop: Windows 10 is preferred. The software will work on Macs and lower versions of Windows.
  • Sufficient bandwidth to for Zoom lectures: Course slides will be available before lectures. It is best to have gone through them. You save time by being prepared.
  • Desire to program: You will need this to retain interest in the homework assignments and required practicals
  • Time requirement: 2 hours lecture a week, Minimum practice 2 hours a week

Target Audience

  • SSCE Pupils, Undergraduates and General Interest